So, the kids are into cromos. Before they started school I did not know what cromos were. Cromos are those stickers that kids exchange with other kids at school. And sometimes, if they have the special albums they stick those cromos into the right place. There is Peppa Pig albums, Barca albums, Monster High albums, National Geographic albums, Animals albums, Pitufos albums and many more.

You can buy cromos in small envelopes at 0.60 Euros each envelope. There are six cromos inside the envelope. And when you have them in repeat you take them to school and exchange. Similarly to how we exchanged stamps when I was a kid.

Here are the envelopes with Peppa Pig cromos:DSC_1015

Here is the Peppa Pig album for cromos:DSC_1016

Here is the Peppa Pig album opened. You can see the empty spaces for cromos. Each cromo has a number on its reverse side and the kid has to find where that cromo goes inside the album.DSC_1017

Here are the Peppa Pig cromos:DSC_1031DSC_1033

Here are National Geographic cromo albums:DSC_1018

Here are some pages from the National Geographic albums:DSC_1020DSC_1021DSC_1022

And here are some National Geographic cromos:DSC_1023DSC_1024

Here are some cromos from Animals collection:DSC_1025

And here are the cromos from Pitufos album: DSC_1026

Here are the ones from Aviones album: DSC_1027

At last comes my daughter’s large collection of Monster High cromos. All the girls in her class collected and exchanged those. I refused to buy her the album as I found the images neither esthetic nor elegant. Finally she accumulated a lot of Monster High cromos and persuaded me to get her an album to have her collection organized. When we went to buy the album it was already out of print. Cromos collections are very time sensitive, there are about six to nine months to buy cromos for any specific album. Now her Monster High cromos are safely stored in a metallic box from cookies. DSC_1037DSC_1039DSC_1028