Live near the ocean

IMG_4198Live near the ocean. Walk under the rain. Buy flowers. Buy flowers often for yourself and for others. Smile at people. Go to cafes and work from there. Look around. Look people in the eyes. Travel a lot. Travel to the end of the world.

Life is just that. It is now. Do not think about what you did wrong. Do not analyze your errors. Do not try to “learn” anything from your mistakes. We never learn from analyzing logically our past. Our past is us. Our future decisions will include our past experiences. Those decisions will be made in less than a second. What we did before will be used on the subconscious level, without us even knowing it.

Our life is defined by decisions we make. By our ability to make decisions. And our body and mind are the ones that make the decisions. Take care of your body, take care of your mind. Train them, keep them strong. Every day invest in your body and mind.

Do not think about your mistakes in the past. It will only make you a sour and resentful person. It will make you lose your faith in people, it will make you be small, and it will not help you build anything new. It will not make you love more, trust more, enjoy your life more.

Your day is today. Right now. Love the person you are when you wake up in the morning. Love the person you are when you go to sleep at night. You will build great things if you look towards the future.

Enjoy the sun on your skin. Love the sound of the waves. Walk on the border of the ocean. Feel the cold water. Step on the shells. Play music. Play music every day, for yourself. Always have fresh flowers at home. Look at the sky. Notice the rain on your face. Tell people you love them. Not just tell, show them. Hug longer than usual. Do small things that matter. Travel, love, build, smile, laugh.

And live near the ocean…


I need to play a song at least 100 times on the violin to make it sound “ok”. I need to practice more than 100 times any jiu-jitsu or kick-boxing move, and this just to get it a little bit right. Not even close to perfection.

When I hear a great talk that I want to incorporate in my work or when I read a page of a business book that will be groundbreaking for what I do, why do I just read it once? My mind probably needs to hear it more than 100 times to make it mine.

I will listen this TED talk by Simon Sinek around 100 times in the next 3 or 4 months to make it part of my performance.  I will see if this helps building the technique.