The life is not about knowing it all. It is not about being secure and confident. We all go through moments of confidence and moments of insecurity. The beauty is in balancing those moments and walk on the fine line between confidence and doubt.

The idea is to keep walking when you feel shy. To keep walking when you are scared. To keep walking when the road seems to get only harder and harder. The idea is to observe the scenery, to enjoy each moment and to help the fellow human being next to you. The idea is not to save the world but to help this one person whose shoulder is touching yours, who may or may not appear needy, but who became part of your life due to the path you undertook. Love is born in no other way.

The idea is to reverse the moments of doubt into the moments of intimate mystery when you turn your eyes inwards and take a chance to explore yourself. The idea is to reverse the moments of confidence into the moments of empowerment of others.

Behind the moment of shyness lies the strength. Behind the moment of confidence lies the doubt. Never ending serpentine taking you up the hill….

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