What if real love is the ability to love somebody who does not live up to your moral standards?

We are human. But how akin we are to compassion?

Yesterday driving to a lunch with a friend I thought to myself, “What if I am able to love, to truly unconditionally love, a person who acts like I never would?”

Could I put all the judgments aside and love somebody whose nature is different from mine. Very different.

It would require time. It would require faith. It would require strength. It is accepting that you can, and probably will, be hurt. And letting your faith prevail. Believing in certain goodness of people.

Forgiving (not forgetting). Accepting (not condescending). How many of us have felt real compassion? Towards ourselves? And towards others?


One of the most difficult questions: Can you love somebody whose standards are different from yours in most important life matters?

I do not have the answer now. I think I will know in years to come.

The road not taken.

What if we can love like this? What would it feel like?

Unabridged edition of love?


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