2016. Draft.


I do not like words when they have been too thought through and neutralized by expectance of being understood. The best words are the ones that come to our minds in its uneven and raw shape. When we still have doubts about how those will be taken, but before we know we have said them out load to the person in front of us. Spontaneously.

Here is the new year. 2016. And I am spending more time than ever in the cafes. Reading. Observing people. Sometimes I think that past never happened and I have this idiotic (=unearthly) feeling of lightness in my body. And I am happy because I feel love for people around me. They are part of this space. Part of this cafe. Part of this human animal that has million hearts and million eyes and million minds. And it has grace. And the search of meaning of existence.

The only goal is to do my best. Not to give up what my life will be in 2 or 3 years from now. My goals have been set up in summer. Now… To show up and focus on whatever thing I am doing at that moment. Be it fighting, playing music, reading, or building a business. Or be it simply laughing with a friend or walking barefoot on the beach. Throwing shells into the ocean foam…

One thing at a time. Fully in it.


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