Life is beautiful

Life is short and beautiful!

I tell myself to enjoy more each moment and worry less. I saw my children asleep in their beds yesterday night and it felt precious. I felt sad that they do not have family around and they are just here with me. I love them dearly. I love them deeply. I want to care for them every moment, I want to see them laugh, to see them run, to see them play….

We worry too much about things we can’t change. We do too little to change things that are in our power. Seeing children and grownups smile is a gift.

I tell myself not to spend my time with things that do not matter. Not to gift my time to people who do not value it. Be friend to those who are friends. And remember that friends do not make you cry. Live your dream. Not the illusion of something.

Look people in the eyes. Smile openly. Laugh more. Love deeply. Love truly and forever. Forget bad things fast. Pardon people if they hurt you. Do not focus on pain or anger, just live through it and be done with it. Enjoy the kids. Enjoy holding their hands. Savor the food you eat. Appreciate the wine you drink. Never look at your phone if you have a real friend next to you. Walk barefoot. At night look at the stars.

Life is short and beautiful. I love kisses and hugs. And the softness of caring…

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