On flowers


I could sit and look at the water for a long while. Just listen to the waves and be silent.

I wish I could love flowers more. I stopped noticing its beauty lately.

Too much pain and anger transform us. We let anger get into us in order to get out. The pain resides in our bodies. We get used to it and do not feel it any longer. I got too used to constant pain.

And then I became extremely tired of everything. Tired of being surrounded by shallow people. Tired of empty words. Tired of going on dates that do not mean anything to me. Tired of dealing with people who are not interested in our future. Tired of people who do not dream.

I believe we can do more than we think we are capable of. We can love more. We can dream more. We can build more. Still everybody gives the brightness of their eyes to the screens of their cell phones. I look around and wonder…. Is it worth it? And then I feel sad.

It is ok to feel sad.

Tonight I could sit and look at the clouds and listen to the sound of water.

There are two things worth living for. Love and progress. If it is not love than progress must be it.


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