Don’t spend your life like this


It is 6:15am and I am putting gas in my car on a small gas station between Mill Valley and Sausalito. As I am putting gas I am watching a large pickup truck that is towing a long boat. The truck is making a wide turn and is about to hit my car with the boat.

-Don’t spend your life like this.

I turn my head and I look at the man who spoke these words. He is standing next to me, smiling.

-He will either hit your car or he won’t.

-You look stressed. It does not matter if you stress out or not. What can you do?

-I can scream at him.

-He won’t hear you. He will either hit you or he won’t. Do not live your life like this. Do not stress out about things in your life.

-And if he hits me?

-You will enjoy a day off.

-I have to go to work anyway. I have too much to do.

-It is your choice. But you can take a day off and enjoy it while your car is being fixed.

I smile back.

-Do not spend your life like this, – he sits back in his car, a dark red BMW SUV, and disappears.

-You are right, – I say in to the air, and I keep seeing his happy face. And I smile.

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