You are not a failure

Blue sky I want to tell this to my children: You are not a failure while you do not give up. None of us is a failure while we keep trying. My daughter did not get accepted to SF ballet school. I know she really wanted to go there. If there is one thing in life that I want to pass to my children it is the strength of not giving up on things that are important to them.

Never cheat yourself out of live, never cheat yourself out of love. Otherwise you will always be anxious, restless, exhausted, unhappy. There will be a handful of things that you will really love doing, those things might not be what you have studied or prepared for. Still, pursue them. You will know with your heart when you are doing the right thing. Never cheat on yourself here.

I have never studied business because my family believed it was not a noble profession for a woman. I studied literature instead because it was “womanly” to do so. My heart belongs to building and running companies. This is the only thing that I enjoy doing. And I know I am good at it because it is almost as if my body knew what decision to make before my mind formulates it. Doing it is a reward in itself. It is the only reward I want. Working in literature would have never made me that happy.

Never cheat on yourself. Never talk yourself out of things your heart is set on pursuing. Do not let failure stop you. There will be so many stops and fails along the road that I can’t even tell you how hard it will be. But it will be worth it because at the end of each day you will look at yourself in the mirror and you will be able to face yourself and feel the peace. And you will know that you are not a failure.

Never cheat yourself out of life, never cheat yourself out of love. You will love others. And they will betray you over and over again. Even the best of them, specially the best of them. Those who you thought would never hurt you or let you down. Even then do not rush to the next stoplight. Breathe, look yourself in the eyes and know your heart. Your love is yours. It belongs to you. Follow your heart and not the words of others. Your road might be longer, but know you are not a failure while you do what is true to you.

Do things you love even if you do not excel for a long while. If those things are in your heart eventually you will become good. It is the heart work and the perseverance that makes great artists, great writers, great dancers, great businessmen. Really, there is nothings else to it.

My son and my daughter, you will grow up fast. As you grow, as you become strong and independent, I am not going to tell you what to do in your life. The only thing I will teach you is to look at yourself every day and be able to face yourself. And love yourself as you look yourself in the eyes. For this to happen I will teach you to never give up on things that are important to you. Never give up on your path, never give up on what you want to do, never give up on your love, never give up on yourself. You are not a failure while you pursue what is in your heart.

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