I just overheard somebody saying “I have been there with the love of my life” referring to her boyfriend. And it all sounded smooth and easy. Like if this is how it is supposed to be in this world.

Where did I go wrong? Why things are never easy?

At times I feel like an idiot. Like if I have missed something important, exactly this small detail that makes everything smooth and simple.

When I am about to lose my breath I remind myself that my road is longer and will take me higher up the mountain. It requires more endurance and more strength. It is beautiful along the way too. I will walk more windy days and I will sleep uncovered under more starry nights. I will smell more flowers. I will hear more birds sing. My skin will become golden from the sun.

And I will meet somebody I love at the end of the road.

The hard thing is to always find the strength to walk.

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