Moonlight People

I woke up and was laying quietly in my bed. The sheets were warm and smooth. As smooth as they get in the morning when the first rays of sunlight hit the opposite wall and it is almost time to wake up. But it was still dark and the moonlight was squeezing through the half closed blinds. Light breeze moved the trees outside of the window and the moonlight moved with it too. Then it slowly filled the room.

It felt very peaceful. And suddenly I was not worried about anything. I noticed that my hair was spread on the pillow around my head and had the shade of the moonlight. The skin wore moonlight color too. My body, now half made of moonlight, slid under the sheets until it touched his warm skin. Another half-moonlight-made body. I put my hand on his arm and he reached for it in his sleep and I held his hand our fingers interlaced. His eyes closed while moonlight kept crossing the blinds. He was breathing peacefully and the smile settled on his lips like a beautiful night butterfly, slowly moving it moonlit wings with each breath. I kept my eyes on the butterfly and knew that nothing could happen to us while the butterfly kept moving its wings. Light sound of the breeze outside and the moonlight.

I woke up again a few hours later. The room was recovering its morning colors and I kissed him lightly, got out of bed and turned on the coffee machine. In the bathroom, while brushing my teeth I looked at myself in the mirror. I liked what I saw. I was still half made of moonlight.

I went to check on the kids and they were sleeping in their beds cuddled with their stuffed toys. It was too early to wake them up for school. They could sleep for fifteen more minutes. I stood in the doorway looking at them. And it felt as if moonlight was looking at them too. I took the coffee from the kitchen and sat on the bed. He never had coffee that early in the morning. But he knew I was back and he opened his eyes and looked at me. And we both smiled. I half closed my eyes as if I were looking far far away and looked back at him. And we did not say a word because moonlight people do not have to talk to love each other. Or may be they talk but very slowly and in low voice and almost nobody can hear them. Silently. And I stretched my body along his till it fit perfectly and then only my hair reminded us of moonlight. And we did not know how much time has passed.

Finally we all woke up and had breakfast. And he prepared kids’ lunches while I cut fresh fruits and toasted the bread. And we sat at the table together and I realized that I have never loved the kids that much before. I was looking at their eyes and I was seeing them. And I was not in a hurry. And nothing worried me because I was full of moonlight.

He had to leave to a meeting before we left the house. I was brushing my hair and he interrupted me with a kiss and I loved being interrupted. I did not mind it at all. As we kissed I could feel the night moonlight butterfly on his lips, and I was extra careful to touch his skin with mine. His lips were as soft as the the wings of the butterfly. “Whatever moonlight touches…,” and I did not finish the thought because he left through the door and took the rest of the sentence with him.

I looked at my face in the bathroom mirror and saw a little blue bump on my nose. I touched it and it hurt. It must have been from yesterday’s kickboxing. I tried to remember if I was hit in the nose, and I thought that I was. I looked at myself and realized how moonlight has changed my body. It was smooth and elastic and there were no signs of past fights. I did not have to defend anybody any longer. I raised my arms as I put on dark red sweater. And as I stood there with the raised arms I instantly knew that the future will move with the grace of the moonlight.

There is no better warrior than a butterfly that sits at nights on your lips.

  *                        *                          *

After I dropped the kids at school and before I headed to work I had coffee with another mom from school. We had never had coffee before. We sat next to a big window in a cafe with red brick walls and she asked me, “What else can you be as a person?”. She must have been a witch but I did not mind.

And I thought that I could be made out of moonlight. Or at least half out of moonlight.

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