Looking at the sky


In about 40 years, when I turn 75 or 80, here are the things I will regret not having done. Meaning, if I do not do them now, in the next few years. Just from the top of my head:

-not having lived in Paris for a while (may be even a few months a year)

-not having spent a week or two in summer in Southern France; in some small village, just laying in a hammock and reading a book and feeling the fresh breeze from the street. And being in love and making love, a lot

-not having lived some months in some northern village in a house buried under snow in winter and with all the silence around (when the nights last 23h and days have almost no light, and the skies are green at nights)

-not having fought hard enough; having spent my time “just doing things”, half way, without putting all my effort into it

-not having spent vacations with the kids, even if those are just week-ends skiing, sailing or exploring new cities

-not having put this “seed” into the kids of being dreamers and fighters; and making them be real, feel the life with every breeze, with every word, with every breath

-not having created something useful; a business I would be proud of; that would support lives of hundreds of employees and change lives of many people for the better

-not having loved somebody again; strong enough and “pure” enough as to really feel light and careless and feel the infinity of it

-not having baked more cakes and pies and cookies and cupcakes; I used to love baking desserts for kids and guests; I put my heart into it and it felt rewarding… however now I rarely have time


I was sitting on the kids’ school playground this afternoon looking at the sky. I saw the tree moving and the clouds going fast with the wind. And I thought about these things that I would regret in the future not having done now. And so I said I am doing them.

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