Questions in a Personality Test

This evening I read a blog post on the personality tests. I am not a big fan of those, ok, to be honest I do not remember when was the last time I did one. I am quite skeptical about its generic approach and the results.

Today, I decided to take a different perspective on it. I need to be more self-aware of what I do well and at what I fail. There are obviously things that do not work in my life and to change those, I should do two things. First, I want to be aware of what I am doing wrong and second, I want to know how to “reduce the impact” of whatever I am doing wrong. It is difficult to change oneself and I am not aiming to change myself from one day to another. However, if we are aware about what has been causing our problems, we may look at things differently. We may try to avoid getting into the situations where our less favorable sides shine. Or we may plan ahead to reduce the impact of our wronging (to ourselves and / or to others) if we are aware of it beforehand.

Anyway, I took this test not only because of the results, but because some questions made me think. For example the question 49 is a good one. It asks if you have a good control of your desires and temptations. And I answered “no”. What it means for me, is that I can’t stop “desiring” something by just pushing my rational side forward. I can control how I act on my desires or temptations, but I can’t control what I feel or think. Is that what is causing many of the problems in my life?

Interestingly enough, it seems that questions that make us think while answering them, are the ones signaling us about the potential “pull downs” we are not aware of. The idea is not to change oneself. It is almost impossible as a goal. You will always fail at it and just get frustrated. The idea is to be self-aware of what has been causing problems so far, and how to think and act so as to reduce its impact in the future. The habit of thinking and acting with self-awareness will in longterm lead to the desired changes and outcomes. Or at least it should in an ideal world 🙂

6 thoughts on “Questions in a Personality Test

    • hmm astrological profile… never did anything like that. Not too much into tests anyway. I think a lot of times people use them as “amusing” or “soothing” thing, and not as a way to become self-aware or change something in their lives.
      However, it is all about asking oneself questions that make us think better, or smile better, or change our outlook on the world. Thus, questions are good. I would just focus more on questions and think about how we answer each of it versus focusing on the results of the test. What thoughts / emotions each question brings in us, is was I am really interested in. 🙂 🙂
      But, yes, it is funny that we did (probably) the same test 🙂

      • The issue with most of these tests is that it is hard to “objectify” oneself. It is easy to see what the “right” answers are and select them as opposed to how things really are for oneself. For example, if the thinking is that being social is a positive expectation while the personal desire is to be a loner, the tendency would be to select social.
        The best way to get as close to the “clear picture” as possible is to offer a VERY large set of questions to make the thinking part of the brain overwhelmed and stop analyzing each question from different perspectives.
        Anyway, this is a fun game if used as such. 🙂

  1. I am interested in these tests and i am working to make one but the main problem is to find reliability of the test so it is not good to say that these tests do not work but some tests fail to prove it is secure. Some questions in it can match with your life style and some may not so the question you said is correct but it is used in bipolar test not in personality test.

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