On Vulnerability

I have been listening to this song for the past days. I kept it open on my laptop, and every now and then, when my eyes got extremely tired from typing or reading, I would take a break and hit play.

I found myself walking on the street this morning and singing this song inside my head. And smile. Like an idiot. And be very vulnerable.

Our live makes us numb a lot of times. And numbness is a very comfortable feeling, it covers us with a sort of security blanket and protects us from the outside world. As human beings, we need it. We long for the assurance that nothing will hurt us out there. We need to know that we will be fine. The only way not to be rejected is not to give anything.

This need of security keeps us from telling how we really feel. It prevents us from being the first to say you matter, I love you, with my heart and soul I believe in this, I am passionate about what I do, I love poetry, I cry when I listen to this song, I need help, you are beautiful. This security prevents us from believing in others without expecting something in return. What if they do not reply? What if they say no? What if they do not even notice me? And a lot of times they will not. And it is fine. However, the strength of your love and your ability to see the light in others is what really matters.

It also makes you very vulnerable. And vulnerability is beautiful. It is the only way to understand and appreciate others. It is the only way to give. And at times, it also makes you smile like an idiot…

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