Spain: Enjoying It Together

This is the second time that we were fortunate to see Trobada de Gegants (Gathering of the Giants) in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona. And this year the event was as good as the last year.  First of all you see a lot of happy faces. And there are just enough people to feel the spirit of the fiesta and not to be overwhelmed by the crowd. You can move freely, touch the giants, and talk to people who will carry them and to the orchestras accompanying the giants. Each set of giant dolls represents different regions of the Barcelona area and is accompanied by orchestras and helpers. The kids are welcomed to try on the papier-mâché heads, to play the drums and to take tons of pictures.

The event is very well organized and thought through, but what makes it truly unforgettable are the kind and welcoming people. Everybody is smiling, dancing, and following the rhythm of the fiesta. Nobody gets upset, not even when some of the giants sprinkle water all over the crowd.  There are lots of people and the procession of dancing giants spreads out along the entire street, however people do not work with their elbows to get a better place for themselves and their kids. On the contrary, they constantly look around to make sure they are not obstructing the view of others or are not in the way of a stroller or a wheelchair.  If you close your eyes, relax and open them again all you see are happy kids in a middle of their favorite game. The enjoy it!  But what makes those smiles and laughs really priceless and beautiful is people’s thoughtfulness of others. It is the fact that we enjoy it because we enjoy it all together. And that if the person next to you is happy, you enjoy it even more.

Barcelona, October 7th, 2012

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