Flying over the rim of the clouds

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At 7:35am our airplane almost landed in Santiago de Compostela airport. The unexpected low fog over the northern part of the runway prevented the landing at the last moment. When everybody was ready to feel the light shock of hitting the ground, the plane suddenly roared and pushed us back into our seats. It made a sharp take off and went back into the sky. We did not land. People inside the cabin talked uneasily in a “shh” mode. The plane went straight up and stabilized once we were above the fog and the clouds. We were sliding along the horizon line.

Flying over the white bed of clouds, almost touching them is like dreaming: it is never-ending. Clouds are whiter than snow, thicker than dreams. You know the sky does not end when you stop seeing it. Clouds are like dreams: thick, beautiful, white, strong and amazing. 40 extra minutes in the sky over the rim of the clouds are a gift.

You land, but you never lose the feeling of flying. You get back to your everyday life, but you never forget how to dream. I am glad there was low fog on the northern part of the runway in Santiago de Compostela this morning.

Santiago de Compostela, July 19th, 2012

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