Notes from Rome: coffee in front of the Coliseum

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Gelaterias, they are everywhere. All the restaurants start with a gelateria. When you go along the streets it seems that there are only ice cream parlors, but then you see that behind the ice cream, there is a restaurant, pizzeria or bar.  And, yes, it seems like everybody is eating ice cream all the time.

Italian sounds very nice. It is a beautiful language. Rome is full of tourists, thus, you mainly hear English, Spanish, Russian and very little Italian. Once you sit at the cafe or a restaurant it is nice to hear waiters speaking italian. Just because of the language I think I would like to live in this country. Their talking is almost like music. Less emotional and more romantic than Spanish, softer and more flexible than French it makes the content sound exquisite.

At the restaurants, waiters would only talk to me when asking for the food order. It is a funny contrast with Spain, USA or Norway, where they would expect any of us (my husband or me) to order the food. The whole day the only thing I heard was signiora, signiora, signiora. Ok, they brought the bill directly to my husband.

Italian restaurants in Rome do not look very different from North Beach restaurants in San Francisco. Here they are a little bit messier and less polished, however more elegant, which makes them look authentic.

Around 11pm we had coffee in front of the Coliseum, and there were no empty tables outside, thus we were invited inside the drinks bar to have our coffee there. With blue neon lights and faint smell of alcohol, it was a great place to have a coffee. In US they would never let the kids inside a liquor bar…. Our 5 year old really liked the place and the view, our 2 year old climbed everywhere and danced a Pocoyo dance in the middle of the floor. We enjoyed the coffee!

Rome, July 4th, 2012

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